Chester Military Museum: September 2010

Outside Chester Museum

"The New England colonies are in a state of rebellion... Blows must decide." - George III

On a bright, brisk September morn we returned to our depot after an absence of some 220 years. We the 22nd Regiment of Foot were once again in Chester. Under the leadership of Cpl Wilson we were to engage the citizens of Chester and apprise them of our dedication to the defence of the realm. Already having battle honours achieved at Louisburg Canada (1758), Havannah (1762) and Martinique (1762) we were justly proud of our prowess against the French and Spanish . . .and so to the day.

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Helmshore Mill Museum: May 2010

Helmshore Mill article banner

"The die is cast, and more mischief will follow." - William Knox

There is something very exciting about your first living history event. I remember mine vividly; trudging up a small hill and upon reaching the crest witnessing a whole 19th century camp going about it's daily business. The first thought in my head was "wow", then turning to Alistair I said, "Can I have a go?" Fast-forward nearly a decade and with the same fresh-faced enthusiasm, on a pleasant Saturday morning, I stepped into the late 18th century for the first time.

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