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Helmshore Mill Museum: May 2010

Corporal Wilson tested some new formations as we started using any space that we could drill on. One particular highlight was whilst being led in line through the arch way with bayonets at the ready; we were ambushed by the dastardly Colonials and one deserter (we know who you are Private Morris). Keeping our chins high we carried on advancing regardless knowing that our little command would have been made smaller if similarly engaged in real life.

Rebel's spring trap

Not wanting any of his men to be seen as slacking, Corporal Wilson had us fall in and ran through the procedure of posting sentries. One Private whilst at his post, was left so awestruck by the sight of Redcoats marching off that he completely ignored a member of the public who was talking to him. Having been happily posted around various points of the Mill's carpark the Company was reformed and then dismissed for some downtime. Out came the music, playing cards and dice with some of us promptly losing our day's pay and rum ration but despite losing out in ha'pennies we had all gained something more far more memorable; that exciting feeling of a first event.


As a small group entering into a new period (and for some of us our first time away from the 19th Century) the event was a great success. There was an undeniable sense of achievement for all the hard work and effort that has gone into this and talking to everyone later on huge amount of pride. I personally cannot wait for the next event and many more to come.

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