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Sunday Church Parade

PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:17 am
by nistle
Listening to the Corporal's Sunday sermon :? , I mean prayers, I noticed in one of them it mentions that we believe in the Catholic church etc. Is this right? I presumed that this would have been amended or deleted to be in line with protestant belief. Or is this just something that would have been left in?

Perhaps the Corporal is trying to teach Popery from the pulpit to His Majesty's "good" protestant men! ;)

Re: Sunday Church Parade

PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:11 am
by Firelock
ah i think you are refering to the Nicene Creed. Protestant churches interpret 'catholic' (SMALL c) as the church that exists 'above' (those saved and gone before) as opposed to the church here below consisting of those who HOPE to be saved!

To avoid confusion many Anglican services nowadays omit the word catholic refering instead to 'one holy and apostelic church' but the mid 18th Century prayerbooks firmly include it.

Fear not Alan, you all signed or made your mark indicating you were 'Protestant, born of Protestant parents' didnt you?!!

Re: Sunday Church Parade

PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 8:54 pm
by Firelock
Incidently, if anyone has any particularly apt, suitable or even favouite bible readings or psalms they would like including in Sunday parade i'd be happy to include it in my weekend missive . . just let me know either here or email or phone etc etc . ..

I must thank you all for attending every time we do so . . things were not always so back in 1774. At that time the 22nd Foot were part of the Irish garrison and the following is an interesting extract from a letter from our own Lt Col. James Abercrombie (later killed leading the Grenadier Battalion at Bunker Hill) to Genl. Thomas Gage, Military Commander of all the Colonies and our very own Colonel at the time (see how we brush shoulders with the great and good!).

Loudoun Septr.21st 1774

Dear General

I have the honor to aquaint you, that your Regiment maintained the character I had given you of them, at three different Reviews this Summer, and I can without partiality declare them by far the best Regiment I have seen in Ireland in every respect, and inclosed you have the Monthly return. Your Chaplain has applied for leave to Sell to which I have consented, provided he gets One properly qualified to take Care of us. it is a matter of little Consequence for they Seldom or ever attend......

(source: Gage manuscripts, W.L.Clements Library. Transcribed by D.Hagist).

So seeing so many of you is probably quite an authentic portrayal of numbers . .out of a whole regiment of 442 men! :D
Bless you all . .
Cpl Ed 'the Rev' Wilson . .